The Shaker Sisters are an all-original duo that blend country, pop, gospel and blues to create their Southern-flavored sound.  Made up of songwriting partners Jen Zias and Robyn Monks, their songs are lyrically sophisticated but instantly accessible to anyone who enjoys good country music.

Their story is like a free-spirited summer road trip: starting in the beautiful wheat fields of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, heading south through Nashville, on to Bourbon Street, New Orleans then making their way back north  to Chicago before settling in Los Angeles.

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The title track of their debut album was featured on the second season opener of the HBO smash hit, True Blood. Their song, "Hard Way Tonight" will be heard in the upcoming film, Rushlights, premiering October 2011. 

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Look for their new LP in Fall 2011 and listen for them in the new film, Rushlights

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